Tennessee River Gorge Island Cabins® are on Hales Bar / Nickajack Lake, and close to Chattanooga. The river here is the most beautiful, untouched and widest part of the 26 mile TRG at 1/2 of a mile wide and only moving about 3 mph.  "In shade all day". With 1,800 ft. mountains and cliffs all around the island, highest of all the 650 miles of The Tennessee River. With causeway out to TRG Island.

NO STEEP LAND OR STEPS! TRG Island is flat and 4' ft. out of river.


We own 1/2 of TRG Island at 13 acres. Drive out to TRG Island or come by canoe, boat and dock at our beach. 

 Cabin comes with dock, 1 canoe or 2 kayaks, gas grill and firewood. 

We are close to The Tennessee Wall, Shakerag coal mine ruins, Snooper's Rock in 24,686 acre Prentice Cooper State Forest who we share property lines with. 20 miles from Rock City, Incline Railroad and Ruby Falls.

9852 Mullins Cove Road

    Whitwell,  TN 37397                            (423)-280-3250


Tennessee River Gorge Island Cabins Hales Bar / Nickajack Lake in Chattanooga

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